Malaysia PR Awards (MPRA)

Public Relations (PR) has always been seen as a quiet magician with an ace up his or her sleeve, working behind the scenes of any business but creating a long-lasting effect with much razzle and dazzle. However, many forget or do not know that the razzle and dazzle takes a lot of blood and sweat to make it happen.

Now, with the advent of disruptive technology, PR has seen a digital shift which thrusts the profession into the forefront, driven by agile thinkers and creative people overflowing with content and strategies for campaigns that resonate with an increasingly personalised economy.

So step up and get recognised by the industry at Malaysia’s most prestigious Awards for the work you’ve brought to life.

Malaysia PR Awards 2023 (MPRA 2023) is just around the corner.

What are the Top Stories for 2023? Join us on 1st December 2023 from 7pm onwards at Aloft KL Sentral to find out.

You can make your reservations online at the MPRA website @

How to make your reservations:

  1. Go to!/reservations
  2. Select the type of table or seat and the quantity
  3. Fill in your details and click ‘Register
  4. Fill in the payment form (complete the billing address only)
  5. Select the payment method: Credit / Debit Card or Invoice
  6. For Credit / Debit Card payments, fill in the card details and click ‘Calculate Cost‘. Then click the ‘Pay‘ button.
  7. For payments using Invoice option, click ‘Calculate Cost‘ and then click ‘Generate Invoice‘ button.
    * Please make the payment later through bank transfer. Contact us for more details
  8. Once completed (both Credit / Debit Card and Invoice), you will receive a confirmation email with your event ticket.

If you have any enquiries or require assistance, please contact:

We look forward to celebrate MPRA 2023 with you. See you there on the 1st December!