Together, In Times of Crisis

Together, In Times of Crisis

As the Movement Control Order (MCO) enters the second phase following the new wave of COVID-19 infections, I believe each and every one of us has been severely impacted. Certainly, we, as PR and Communication professionals, are faced with an unprecedented crisis.

The road ahead, especially those of us who run and own our own agencies, will be challenging. No doubts, we will face financial and business challenges that may impact our families and loved ones as we get back to our businesses post-MCO. It will not be easy.

At this moment, our clients and stakeholders including the media will also expect us to step-up and rise to the occasion. In times of crisis, communication is even more critical. Customers, staff, regulators, business partners and other stakeholders are confused. In this chaotic marketplace, we need to demonstrate our leadership and seize this moment of truth. This is real, not a simulation, so we need to be on the ball right now.

In this regard, PRCA Malaysia will be doing its part to see how we can work with you and contribute to the collective good of the industry. We will be organising a series of industry consultation as soon as possible, involving heads of PR agencies as well as in-house PR professionals. In the meantime, we encourage Heads of Agencies to use our existing WhatsApp group to exchange ideas and raise issues while our non-consulting members can get in touch with us via PRCA Malaysia’s social media channels or email. We will then see how we can work together as an industry to overcome current and future challenges.

The Exco will also be taking steps to convene the Annual General Meeting as soon as possible. We regret that we have had to postpone the AGM but it was inevitable following the MCO. The Exco has had to defer its own meeting as well due to the MCO.

Do give us time to regroup and plan our next steps. Many of us at the Executive Committee have had to manage our internal teams and client issues during this difficult period.

Indeed, the crisis represents both danger and opportunity. Let’s stay united together and mitigate the challenges as a group and seize the opportunities that are presented to us.

Certainly, it is time for us to showcase leadership to our clients, team members, business partners and other key stakeholders. If we succeed, it will go a long, long way.

Carpe Diem!

Andy See Teong Leng
Public Relations & Consultants Association Malaysia.