With the arrival of Covid-19, traditional ways of communication and networking have proven to be a challenge. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

Now is the perfect time to use technology to our advantage, where we can establish and maintain connections in the comfort of our home.

Here are 5 helpful virtual networking tips that may be useful for you!


1. Look for online networking opportunities

Many organisations and companies are hosting online networking events so that people can continue to connect and network remotely. Take this opportunity to join a virtual event, forum or conference to learn new things, build networks and join conversations.


2.    Become an active listener

Those who stand out at a networking event will be those who really listen and respond. You could try asking insightful questions that encourage the other person to continue talking about something for which they have a passion for. This will help you get conversations going on a more personable and engaging note, ensuring a positive first impression.


3.    Be prepared and add value

Before attending a virtual event, do some research about the topic. From there, you could gather some questions on areas that you would like to know more or any important insights you could share with the attendees. While you’re at it, you could also share your experience or knowledge with others to add value for other people.


4.    Connect on a different platform

Continue the conversation, don’t disappear! You could connect with someone after a virtual networking event on LinkedIn and continue your professional connection and conversation there.


5.    Share your skills

You could also share your skills by hosting a virtual event for those who may be keen on the topic/areas that you are planning to cover. This can be a platform where you share your expertise and experience, while keeping connections alive.  

Networking is always being associated with physical interactions – its either attending events, catching up over coffee or even random small talks with people that you bumped into. However, networking is beyond that. It is about creating relationships and connections with other people, no matter where you are.
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