The PRCA Malaysia and Sunway University Internship Programme

The PRCA Malaysia and Sunway University Internship Programme

The study of communication dates back to ancient times. In more recent times, communication has often been largely subsumed within other departments at many universities. The Department of Communication (DoC) at Sunway University is housed within the larger School of Arts, which also contains the Department of Film and Performing Arts, and the Art, Design and Media Department. In collaboration with Lancaster University in the UK, DoC currently offers two-degree programs, a B.A. [Hons] in Communication (BCOM) and a B.A. [Hons] in Advertising and Branding (BAB). We are planning for two new degrees in the future, Digital Media Journalism, and a graduate degree in International Public Relations.

Our current degree programmes provide a holistic approach to the larger field of communication, but we also recognize the need to prepare students for specific jobs once they graduate. The “BCOM” degree program, as we call it, is chiefly focused on preparing students for careers in the public relations and corporate communication fields.

While the internship experience of our students has always been good, the opportunity to enhance the experience is one we would not want to miss. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our programmes, so the collaboration with PRCA Malaysia is one we are eager to explore. In PR, you may be familiar with the “Excellence Theory.” The theory posits that PR must identify and build strategic relationships at its best – that is what the DoC hopes to accomplish with PRCA Malaysia. Together we can prepare a mutually beneficial situation for your companies and our students.

The structured internship programme is a great idea whose time has come. We hope to learn a lot as we move forward and continually improve relations among all stakeholders. After all, this is what excellence in PR demands.

Step-by-step guide on how to register for the Sunway University Career Portal

Step 1

PRCA Malaysia Consultancies to provide the name and contact information (email address and contact number) of person in-charge to Internship Coordinator at Department of Communication, School of Arts, Sunway University, Mr Lyon Laxman. Email:

Step 2

Internship Coordinator to forward the contact details to Sunway Career Services – Student Life, Sunway Education Group

Step 3

A representative from Sunway Career Services – Student Life will contact the person in-charge via email with details on how to register for the Sunway-U Career Portal.

Step 4

PRCA Malaysia Consultancies to register with Sunway-U Career Portal and wait for approval via email.


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