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    Unit 842, Level 8 Block A, Lobby C, Kelana Centre Point
    47301 Kelana Jaya

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    bzBee Consult is an award winning fully integrated Marketing Communications company set up by experienced personalities in the areas of Strategic Communications & Media, Government Relations & Stakeholder Management, Events Management, Marketing, Branding and Training. We take ownership of each project we are involved in to ensure that our clients’ objectives become the objectives of our services.

    Listed as one of the High-Performing Bumiputera (TERAS) Company and rated 4 Star by SME Corp, bzBee has received various recognition from the industry since its inception in January 2011:



    • Environmental Award Year 2017/2018 for Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad.
    • Crisis or Issue Management Award Year 2017/2018 for  Lembaga Tabung Haji.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Award Year 2017/2018 for  Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).
    • Crisis/Issues Management Award Year 2016/2017 for Tabung Haji.
    • Healthcare Award Year 2016/2017 for Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad (CCM).
    • Public Affairs Award Year 2015/2016 for Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera.



    • Masterclass Bumiputera CEO of the Year, Year 2017 by Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia.
    • Excellence in Public Relations Award Year 2017 by Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia.
    • AOTY Awards Year 2017 by Marketing Magazine Singapore.
    • Proactive Passion Award Year 2017/2018 by SME Entrepreneurship Business Awards (SEBA)

      Entrepreneurship development promotion of Malaysian Heritage and local tourism are ideals we champion to promote Nation building.